About Bannow:

A first encounter with Stefan Bannow´s graphic world of images would at first make you think of Surrealism and its dreamlike and symbollically satiated reproduction of the streams of the sub-consciousness. However, Bannow´s field of work is not apsychological uncovering of the deeper layers of the individualmind, but rather a socially engaged focus on the community and its viability. The primeval landscape of childhood has been replaced by the cultural landscapeof Modernism/Modernity, twisted by breaches and boundaries.
On a background of this modern, fragmented landscape does the lithographic artist methodically bring forth simple and central signifiers to the spectator: The Root, The Bird, The Child, DNA, Christ, The Eye... Life torn up by the roots, and we are left - rootless so to speak - in the empty space of after-thought. Thus, the artists lets us follow his ceaseless journey within a voltage centre of observations, reflections and confrontations with the most essensial questions; what social order and solidarity will secure the survival of the late-Modern, rootless human within viable communities - what sence and which ethics will guarantee us a decent administration of environment and hightech, e.i. gene thecnology and cyberspace!

The art of Stefan Bannow does in more than one sense hover about wandering; it delineates human journeys between breaches and the search for fellowship and fixed place, just as it reflects upon the artist´s own restless wanderings and continued search for redemption and answers.


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